Terms & Conditions for Exhibitors

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Floor space may be limited so only one floor space per exhibitor is available. All display spaces will be randomly allocated on a ‘lottery basis’ and should be accepted in the spirit in which this exhibition is intended.

There are two standard sizes for floor space in 2019.

  • 10m x 4m – $4,400 plus GST
  • 5m x 4m – $2,200 plus GST

Limited perimeter wall areas can be provided in either size. Power supply can be provided for $150 plus GST.

There are two standard sizes for floor space in 2019. These are 10m x 4m (full stand) and 5m x 4m (half stand). All display spaces must be open plan to provide full visibility for the benefit of all exhibitors. For this reason, it has been decided that only continuous walls no higher than 1.2m are permitted and must be able to be assembled at the time of setup. No pre-fabricated walls are to be arranged with display companies unless by special approval of Furnishing in Focus management. However for exhibitors requiring back walls to facilitate displays, these can be requested and will be allocated along the perimeter walls only, provided that sufficient perimeter walls are available through the ‘lottery allocation’ system.

All display aids should be free standing in keeping with the open plan display area envisaged. Display aids from non Australian sources must not be offered for commercial sale.

MCEC will be fully lit to ensure individual display costs are kept to a minimum. If additional lighting is required, this can be organised by prior request on display areas with power supplied.

MCEC has polished concrete flooring throughout. This facilitates ease of unloading and loading during setup. This will simplify move in and for OH&S reasons. No pre-fabricated floors are to be arranged with display companies unless by special approval of Furnishing in Focus management. Rugs, floor tiles and carpets may be used if they can be laid by exhibitors staff at time of move-in/move out.

Australia’s leading Fabric and Leather suppliers have helped to provide an impartial national representation for the benefit of the industry. To support this endeavor, exhibitors are asked to make fabric selections from exhibiting fabric houses only.

Move in and move out access will be facilitated via Normanby Rd. Access timetables will be supplied prior to the event.

A deposit of 10% of the total display cost including power will be required at the time of booking. Payment in full is required no later than 5 March 2019.

MCEC/Furnishing In Focus, will not accept any responsibility for the damages to or loss of merchandise or property. It is suggested that exhibitors should arrange their own insurance.

Stand attendance – it is asked that a company representative be in attendance throughout the exhibition hours.

Cloak room facilities will be provided. The venue will be monitored after hours only. Personal items such as laptops and valuables should be removed at the end of each day.

Parking is charged at MCEC rates, refer www.mcec.com.au

Retail catering facilities will be available throughout Thursday and Friday exhibition hours.

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