About Furnishing in Focus

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Australia’s Trade Only Furnishing Exhibition

Furnishing in Focus was initiated in 2010 following requests from Australian Furnishing Manufacturers frustrated by an increasing presence of imports at National Furniture Exhibitions, and too, for the need for a more cost effective way to present their products to Trade Only buyers looking to source locally.

Important – not Imported

The FIF concept is a simple one. To offer a low cost, ‘no-frills’ exhibition exclusively for Australia’s Furnishing Industry, free of imports. For Retailers, Interior Designers, Commercial Buyers and Specifiers, Furnishing in Focus continues to open new doors to creative Australian Furniture designs and bespoke manufacturing opportunities. All combined under one roof in an exclusive time-saving 2-day event with members of the public not permitted.

Meet and Discover a World of Choice

Australia’s leading textile and leather suppliers play an important role as they join forces to start the year’s exhibition calendar with the latest in designs and colours bringing together the best in world furnishing trends. Furnishing in Focus.

Unique not Boutique

FIF is different in several important areas. It occupies only one set-up day and two major exhibition days so that exhibitors and visitors may participate with minimal interruption to their working week. The FIF exhibition format remains open plan with polished concrete flooring and no pre-fabricated shell systems. This allows ease of Move-In & Move-out for exhibitors with undercover loading/unloading for multiple trucks at the one time.

The resultant low cost is readily affordable for Australia’s new and emerging talent.

For trade visitors, time is spent well focused on meeting key exhibitors without the distractions normally associated with ‘market bazaar’ exhibitions.

Australian Made Sponsorship

A recent upsurge in TV programs and magazine articles on home decorating trends has prompted greater consumer demand for individual choice. Whilst imported furniture will always play a part in the value equation, there is now a real opportunity for retailers to highlight Australian Made to customers who want more choice than mere imports can offer.

There is a place for both in every bricks and mortar location. To exclude Australian sourcing is a recipe for lost consumer connections and sales.

For corporate buyers, procurements of overseas furniture with long lead times, limited options, and often uncertified quality are made unnecessary by the availability of local production tested to Australian quality standards and supported by personalised after sales service facilities.

Awareness of the Australian Made brand has been encouraged through new Federal Government labelling laws introduced in July 2016. The distinctive Green & Gold logo is now recognised by 98% of Australians and trusted by 89% as an identifier of genuine Aussie products. It is a powerful visual symbol that Australian manufacturers can use to connect with consumers who are actively looking for, and willing to pay, a premium for these products. The demand for genuine Australian Made products is surging in China and other export markets who value the integrity of our local production.

Industry Training Platform

FIF offers much needed exposure for Australia’s Industry Training bodies to showcase their curriculums and to mix freely with manufacturers keen to source new apprentices and trainees.

In 2017 FIF welcomed the first of Australia’s Industry training facilities. Holmesglen Institute of TAFE featured displays of its Furnishing Industry programs.

Highly regarded within the industry, these include:
*Apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships in engineering, furnishing (cabinet making, wood machining, furniture finishing and upholstery), building and construction trades.

Furnishing in Focus Management

Since its inception Furnishing in Focus has been managed for the ongoing benefit of the Australian Furnishing Industry and is supported solely by key supplier sponsorships and exhibitor participation. From 2017 onwards, FIF will be guided on an independent basis by Furnishing Futures Pty Ltd with Director John Mackinnon overseeing the daily operations.